RIC 2020 Crete


Participation in the competition is open to all photography enthusiasts, professionals or not, participants of the RIC 2020 Crete meeting. Participation is valid only for canyoners that are already registered. Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 (three) digital pictures taken during the days of the meeting in the canyons of Crete. The size and the type of photograph (vertical or horizontal) does not matter. B&W photos are also welcome. To enter the competition the photos must be submitted via the entry form at :

The photos must be posted no later than Friday, April 10th, 2019 – 18:30 pm Athens time. The CCA members, the jury and all those who organize this competition are excluded from participating. Each participant must be the unique author of the photographs sent and the images must be original and not belonging to any third parties. The photographs presented in the competition can be freely used by the organization for online posts or banners with the signature of the author. The winning image will be provided by the author free of charge to the RIC 2020 Crete organization in high resolution for use, with the indication of the author for future editions or similar uses.


An international jury of well-known photographers, participants of RIC 2020 Crete and canyoners, will evaluate the best photo based on personal criteria. 

1st Prize 1000€
2nd Prize 500€
3rd Prize 300€

All people from outer world will be invited to view the gallery of posted photos, in real time, being able to vote their favorite photo. Surprise themselves with canyoning as well as Crete natural beauties.
Whoever matches the Jury 1st prize, will enter a certified random sweepstake to win:

Voter prize: 200€ x 3 voters (new) any of your friends or relatives can win 200€. It despite not being at the RIC, share this post with them!

All winners, including voters, will be announced on Friday, April 10th, 2020 during the closing ceremony of RIC 2020 Crete.

Do you want to be the first one to know if you picked the right winner photo?  

For announcements  and  updates, follow and eventually like the freshly created Facebook page

For full information visit, and consider registering: you will be notified per email when final rules are published, when voting starts, when voting ends and who are the winners.