The organization team of the RIC 2020 is glad to cooperate with Arion Palace **** (4-star hotel) in Ierapetra city on the southeast coast of Crete. The hotel is based very close to the most beautiful canyons of Crete. Only 14 km from Ha canyon, 38 Km from Arvi, 45km from Portela canyon, 32km from Panagia canyon, 26 from Orino canyon.

Participants are not allowed to stay in any other accommodation, except the base/Hotel chosen by the organization. People stay in other hotels or rooms will not register and will not enter our base/Hotel.
The hotel facilities cover all the needs for a nice and luxury stay for 10 days of the participants of the RIC 2020 Crete.

The hotel will be open from 3 to 13 April for the RIC. Not before or after these dates is it possible to book. RIC is from 3-12 (9 days), in case somebody wants to stay for 1 more day, it’s possible (till 13 April 2020)

The hotel has rooms of 2, 3 and 4 beds.

If you are single you will be in a room of 2 or 3 other people (of the same sex), there are no single bedrooms in the Hotel. In this case please contact the RIC secretary:

The price per the bed is 39.60€ per person per bed and includes (for all the chosen days)

  • Full buffet breakfast,
  • Accommodation in double or triple rooms
  • Full buffet dinner

You can book your room online. Bookings are possible only for the date 3 -13 April 2020. Bookings are only possible for a minimum of 7 days to 10 days.

There is a limit of 220 participants. There is a limit of room choice. (e.g. after the double rooms finish you may share a room with others)

Kids can stay in the hotel, but they need to register and pay for a bed normally as adults. if your kids are less than 24 months, they don’t need to register or pay for a bed (they stay for free) they also get a free baby bed (for free)

The hotel will be the base/center for the RIC 2020. Food accommodation, meetings, presentations, games, workshops, relaxation and last day party with traditional music and dancers with costumes show will all be in the same place. There are plenty of luxury facilities in the hotel area like Spa, Sauna, indoor gym, massage area, indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, all available for the RIC 2020 participants.

There are also indoor and outdoor bars with drinks and snacks at a very low price especially for RIC 2020 participants (1€ for refreshment drink, 1,5€ for 0,5lt beer and 1,5€ for a glass of wine)

Great free parking in the hotel area is also available, absolutely safe for your car. All rooms have great balconies so can dry your equipment with safety.