Welcome to RIC 2020 Crete

The organization team of RIC 2020 Crete welcomes you to the most magnificent southern European canyoning destination. We would like to introduce you to the canyons of Crete in their best moments. Spring 2020, April 3 to 12. Explore the island of Crete and it secretes beauties. Nine days of canyoning, pure nature, sea, relaxation, exploration, history, tradition, food, wine, music, smells, and many more! Our base will be in a city named Ierapetra located southwest of the island, near the best canyons of Crete, near the sea.

Water conditions and weather is in there best combination. High level of bolting’s in the canyons. Traditional high-quality food and accommodation in a 4-star hotel with many extra facilities near the most important canyons at really low costs during the RIC 2020 Crete.

Easy to explore an ancient Culture & Civilization – Minoan Civilization dates back to 2700BC so visit sites and museums at the same time. Cretans are famous for their hospitality the Cretan ‘’filoxenia’’ (friend of strangers). Mild climate of Crete, the best climate in winter and spring in Europe so escape the cold of the north! Enjoy nature and perfect atmosphere, magical scenery of colors and smells. Enjoy the sea, our base/Hotel is pretty close to the seaside so you easily swim.


First Group

Registration Fee
  • Until 25/12/2019

Second Group

Registration Fee
  • From 26/12/2019
  • Until 25/02/2020

Third Group

Registration Fee
  • From 26/02/2020
  • Onwards and at the meeting
Each participant is responsible for his/her canyoning equipment and his/her own safety. The number of registrations is limited to 220 participants.


The organization team of the RIC 2020 is glad to cooperate with Arion Palace **** (4-star hotel) in Ierapetra city on the southeast coast of Crete the hotel is based very close to the most beautiful canyons of Crete. Only 14 km from Ha canyon, 38 Km from Arvi, 45km from Portela canyon, 32km from Panagia canyon, 26 from Orino canyon.

Car Rental

The organization team is glad to suggest the company CarInCrete for your car rental needs the company covers all kid of cars with the best price.